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Musical remediation


We are Tune For Life - a community interest company working in Basingstoke and Winchester. We provide regular interactive musical sessions and entertainment to various community groups for older people and those with disabilities and life -changing conditions (such as cancer, stroke, dementia etc). We work with the local hospice. and care and nursing homes across the area. We take into consideration people’s mental and physical abilities as well as musical tastes and preferences We offer a variety of interactive musical sessions catering for different tastes which cover a wide range of different music including English, Irish and Scottish folk music, classical music and even rock and roll.


Some people ask for songs which have a special meaning to them and bring back great memories. We use a variety of songs – pub songs to create a ‘feel good’ factor, songs from 40s, 50, 60s to stimulate their memory. We practice choruses and encourage the residents to sing along. We also use songs in other languages to give them something new to learn and also because these songs have very igniting tunes and residents love clapping along and dancing to them. We also use a variety of musical instruments as some residents have limited use of their body but can still use hands to make noise and take part in the fun.


We always bring a group of musicians – 4-5 people, we dress in folk costumes, we play a variety of musical instruments. We create an atmosphere of an exciting event. We have a lot of positive feedback from activity managers and you can see some of it in our testimonials.


At the moment we have 7 regular homes where we do our sessions as well as The memory club and St Michael's Hospice. On the average we do 6 sessions per month. Our aim is to expand to cover 3 more Community groups or centres for monthly sessions.


It is difficult to overestimate the power of music. We passionately believe that music makes a huge difference to people’s life – it triggers a wealth of positive emotions, stimulates body and brain and brings back memories. The residents love singing along – we can see (and it has been confirmed by their activity managers) that it helps them to cope with isolation, depression and their illnesses. Some of them do not have any relatives or friends , so do not get any visitors. Some never leave the home due to frail health. Our visits become a great opportunity for them to communicate with an outside world, to join in a fun event and get access to entertainment other than TV.


Our Objective is to promote music to elderly and disabled people to enable them to enjoy better health and improved quality of life.