Tune for Life

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Past events


December 2019

1 December Rowan Lodge Winter Fair

6 December Memory Club Christmas Concert

7 December Kempshott Hall Christmas Fair

8 December Russian Choir Christmas Concert

9 December River View Christmas Concert

11 December Ashcombe

11 December Pemberley Care Home Christmas Concert

12 December Christmas party Rowan Lodge

14 December Guildford New Life Church Children's Christmas Concert

17 December Christmas show in Lady Susan's Court

18 December Woodbury House nursing home

18 December - Pemberley Care Home


November 2019

5 November Ashcombe

6 November Fleetwood Lodge Care home in Fleet

6 November Pemberley Care Home

10 November - fundraising concert

13 November Jeffrey's Court

13 November Abbey Court care home
27 November Oakridge care home

27 November Pemberley Care Home

28 November Age concern


October 2019

2 October Pemberley Home

5 October Scotts Tours corporate function

9 October Woodbury House nursing home

16 October Rowan Lodge

18 October Abbey Court care home

25 October Oakridge care home


September 2019

11 September Pemberley Home

18 September Pemberley Home

18 September Rowan Lodge

23 September River View

23-27 September BBC Music for Dementia week

25 September Memory Tree

27 September Memory Club

28 September New Life church workshops Guildford

29 September Inspero fundraising event

30 September Rowan Lodge


August 2019

14 August Rowan Lodge care home

21 August Ashcombe

22 August Rowan Lodge care home

29 August Ashcombe


July 2019

6 July New Life Church Guildford

14 July Inspero Summer Party concert

18 July Age Concern Magnolia Court

19 July Festival of music for care and nursing homes

25 July Mulberry care home Reading

25/26 July Creative Art school Market Chambers

30 July concert for Holiday@Home for elderly people


June 2019

5 June Ashcombe

5 June Memory Tree dementia community group

5 June Lady Susan's Court

11 June Elderly community Matinee 123 Club

11 June Lakeside care home Reading

12 June Rowan Lodge

17 June Saxon Wood school ( special needs ) interactive music workshop

19 June Kempshott junior school International week -Asian music workshop

20 June International music workshop King's Furlong school

28 June Rowan Lodge

29 June Basingstoke World Party


May 2019

1 May Kempshott Junior School

12 May Victory day concert Market Chambers Performers Together

15 May River View Care Home

15 May Ashcombe

22 May Jeffrey's Court residential home

25 May Guildford community centre

25 May - Berkshire Care home Wokingham


April 2019

1 April Kempshott Junior School

3 April Loddon Rotary

9 April Lakeside Care Home Reading

23 April Berkshire Care Home Classical Workshop

24 April Kempshott Infant School

24 April Memory Tree Club

29 April Woodbury house Reading


March 2019

2 March Mayor's Charity Appeal concert in Anvil

7 March Age Concern South Ham

9 March Basinstoke Festival of Music

11 March Kempshott Infant School

13 March Rowan Lodge

13 March Berkshire Care Home

20 March Pemberley Care Home

26 March Kempshott Junior School

27 March Memory Tree Club

29 March Market Chambers Performers Together Charity Event


February 2019

5 February Sycamore Elderly Lunch Club

5 February Rowan Lodge

6 February Pemberley

10 February Lakeside Care Home Reading

13 February Kempshott Infant School

13 February Memory Tree Club

14 February Berkshire Care Home Wokingham

16 February Carnival Hall Elderly Club. Annual meeting organised by Tesco

20 February Lady Susan's Court. Let There Be Love with special guest children choir

20 February Pemberley

27 February Pemberley


January 2019

30 January Riverside Care Home. Reading


December 2018

5 December Ashcombe

7 December Memory Club Viables

10 December Classical Music Workshop Park View

13 December Age concern South Ham dementia group

16 December Christmas party in Rowan Lodge

17 December Christmas Classical Music Night at Lady Susan's Court. Music in Candlelight

19 December Dementia Group in Basingstoke Hospital


November 2018

5 November Rowan Lodge dementia group

14 November Memory Tree

14 November Castle Hill

15 November Age concern Popley dementia group

21 November Dementia Group in Basingstoke Hospital

28 November Park View

28 November Chalk Ridge


October 2018

3 October Memory Tree

6 October Basingstoke Variety Show

8 October Castle Hill

10 October Age Concern Oakridge dementia group

15 October Rowan Lodge dementia group

17 October Dementia Group in Basingstoke Hospital

17 October Park View

20 October Fundraising concert with Rotary Club

31 October Chalk Ridge


September 2018

6 September Pemberley dementia unit

10 September Riverview care centre (Reading)

17 September Rowan Lodge dementia group

19 September Castle Hill

26 September Chalk Ridge

26 September Park View

28 September Viables Memory Club

30 September Pemberley dementia unit


August 2018

2 August Pemberley Dementia Unit

2 August Musical Drama for Eastern European Children

21 August Pemberley Dementia Unit


July 2018

2 July Rowan Lodge dementia group

9 July Rowan Lodge dementia group


June 2018

13 June Grange care home

13 June - Grange summer party

23 June Haymarket studios Market Performers Performers Together Open day

30 June World Party Basingstoke


May 2018

9 May British Isles folk St Marks School

9 May St Mary's school - international music workshop

10 May Lady Susan's Court

13 May Victory Day Haymarket Studios

15-20 May International music workshops funded by Basingstoke Multicultural Forum

18 May Memory Club

18 May Memory Club street party

21 May St Marks school - international music workshop funded by BMF

23 May Park View school international music workshop funded by BMF

23 May Chalk Ridge school international music workshop funded by BMF

23 May Dementia Awareness week - performance for dementia inpatients in Basingstoke Hospital

26 May Folk music workshop St John's church Guildford


April 2018

18 April Age concern

19 April Age concern

25 April cross-continental music workshop St marks school

27 April Memory Club

29 April International Festival of Music London Cadogan Hall


March 2018

1 March Pemberley care home

6 March Sycamore Hall community group

17 March Basingstoke festival of music and arts

19 March classical music workshop St Marks school

23 March Memory club

28 March Age concern


February 2018

14 February Grange care home Love song session

19 February Rotary club presentation and performance

28 February European music workshop St Marks school


December 2017

Memory Club Christmas concert

Eastern European music festival for children

Merton school classical

King Furlong school American music workshop

Christmas Music Festival for care homes

Eastern European Children's Festival of music, song and drama.

Eowan Lodge care home Christmas party

Manor Field school cross continental music workshop

Ashcombe Care Home

Park View school music workshop

St Michael's Hospice - Christmas party

Rotary club Basingstoke Christmas dinner

Ashcombe New Years Eve party


November 2017

Oakridge Dementia Group

St Michaels Hospice

Manor field classical workshop

Park View school - Eastern European folk

Ashcombe jazz morning

Merton school African music workshop

KingFurlong school Irish/Scottish/Welsh folk


Helping hands for blind Christmas performance

Ashcombe Care Home


October 2017

Merton school

King Furlong school

St Michael's Hospice

Manor Field school

Park View school

Memory club

Elizabeth Court residential home

Disability Forum annual evening - performance

Pemberley Care Home


September 2017

Oak Lodge

European classical music workshop Park View school

Manor Field School Eastern European folk music workshop

Pink Place breast cancer - performance

Merton school English/Irish/Welsh/Scottish folk music workshop

Dementia Group North Hampshire Hospital

King Furlong school

Memory Club

St Michael's Hospice


August 2017

Touring Moscow and Bulgaria summer camps - series of international music workshops

Conservative Club performance


July 2017

Care Home Celebration Music festival

Cherry Blossom care home

Basingstoke Memory Club - sessions of musical mindfulness and relaxation


June 2017

Hurst College - international music workshop

Park View school workshop on International music

KingFurlong - international music workshop

World party in Eastrop Park

Gracewell care home

Basingstoke Memory Club - sessions of musical mindfulness and relaxation


May 2017

St Michael's Hospice

Family Festival held in Basingstoke to raise funds for Rotary Club charity

Eastern European celebration of Victory Day

Oak Lodge

Ashcombe care home performance

Cherry Blossom - dementia awareness day

Grange nursing home

Memory Club

Children's musical  production Pinocchio

Gracewell care home - international song session


April 2017

Care Home Celebration Music festival

Grange nursing home - rockn'roll session

Gracewell care home - rockn'roll session

Basingstoke Memory Club performance - country music

Ashcombe care home performance

Cherry Blossom - International dance and song day performance


March 2017

Mayor's Charity Concert in Anvil

Ashcombe care home performance

International Women's day celebration in support of the mayor charity appeal at the Mayors Chambers

Childrens' Concert for Mother's Day

Gracewell Care Home

Memory Club performance

Cherry Blossom - Mothering Sunday performance

St Michael's Hospice


February 2017

St Michael's Hospice

Ashcombe care home - performance

Overton primary School - Eastern European music workshop

Oak Lodge A Capella trio - songs from musicals

Cherry Blossom Valentine's day performance

Magnolia Court performance

Grange nursing home - performance

Basingstoke Memory Club performance

Cherry Blossom classical music performance

Ashcombe care home - performance


January 2017

Basingstoke Memory Club

Heatherside rest home - performance

Grange nursing home - performance

Oak Lodge care home - performance

Basingstoke Memory Club - rock-n roll performance

Russian music concert - Sherfield School

Ashcombe care home - performance


December 2016

Ashcombe care home - performance

Christmas fair and performance Kempshott Hall

Festival of Eastern European culture for children

Heatherside Rest Home (Hook)

Oak Lodge care home - performance

Conview care home - performance

Grange nursing home - performance

Magnolia Court home - performance


November 2016

Concert in support of Rotary charity - Odiham

Children's International Extravaganza Vyne Community School - concert in support of Basingstoke Mayor's charity appeal

Basingstoke memory club

Grange nursing home - performance

Grange nursing home - performance


October 2016

Concert in Newbury
Ashcombe Care Home


September 2016

Oak Lodge Nursing Home

Grange Care Home

Homefield Care Home

Marnel Care Home

Basingstoke Stroke Association

Cherry Blossom Care Home


World party – June 2016 Eastrop park Basingstoke


Workshop on International Music in Park View school April 2016


Basingstoke XFactor for children - in support of the Mayor's charity appeal and as part of Basingstoke Multicultural Forum - April 2016 Aldworth College


Mayoress coffee morning March 2016


Workshop for Russian community children February 2016


Festival of Eastern European music January 2016


Mayor's Christmas Fair - December 2015


Festival of Basingstoke children's musical talent BAD Studio - December 2015


Workshop on classical music for children - Chute House November


October 2015 International extravaganza -Queen Mary's Hall charity event in support of Mayor's charity appeal and as part of Basingstoke Multicultural Forum